Just for Today / Samo za danes

After creating the solo What If (2013) and having been part of the Image Snatchers collective for the past several years, Maja Delak has gone on to choreograph a pentagram with performers from different generations. Just for Today is a seemingly slow-moving instant composition intentionally crafted to bring to view the less visible, less conspicuous

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Shame / Sramota

How to stage something as performative as shame? How to speak about that which eludes words? How to be communicative without shaming? Shame speaks through many languages. The bodies, the sounds, the music, images, and words speak out at the same time. What they want to tell lies in the overlaps and gaps between individual

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Expensive Darlings / Drage drage

Maja Delak’s eleventh performance is the first production by the newly founded Emanat (Emanat Institute). A dance piece based on the pleasure of the physical and moving, Expensive Darlings is conditioned by the quasi-institutional status of contemporary dance in Slovenia. The choreographer invited six dancers and actresses to participate in the process of exploring the

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