Maja Delak is a choreographer and dancer. She studied contemporary dance at CNDC L’Esquisse in Angers, France, and at numerous dance seminars, lead by internationally renowned pedagogues. She was, from 1993 to 2002, a member of the international dance group En-Knap, and a programme leader of the realization of a high school programme for contemporary dance, provided for at the Pre-School Education and Grammar School Ljubljana. In her opus of fourteen performances, Maja Delak has traversed numerous worlds, which – despite the different themes and approaches to work – whirl into an anchorage of the author’s dance poetics, with which she is making a clearer and clearer definition of the methodologies of contemporary art and dance. In 2006, Maja Delak established institute EMANAT, with which she aims for the affirmation of contemporary dance – both with performance production as well as with a book programme (Transitions series) and education (AGON).

In 2010 she won the Prešeren Fund Award, the highest recognition for achievements in the field of art in the Republic of Slovenia. In 2013 her performance Shame was awarded as best performance of the Slovenian Dance Platform Moving-Cake. In the same year Luka Prinčič and Maja Delak received Liberal Acadamy Golden Bird Award for the artistic achievements on the field of performing arts.
In 2015 the Collective of dance pedagogues of Secondary Preschool Education & Gymnasium Ljubljana – Contemporary dance programme (SVŠGL) won the award Ksenija Hribar for pedagogical work.
In 2019 Maja Delak won the award Ksenija Hribar for her original choreographic opus.