Supermarket. A Modern Musical Tragedy

Supermarket – A modern musical tragedy is a show out of the ordinary, full of original songs, surreal situations, laughter and poetry. At times without words. Because what happens inside a supermarket stays just like that. Supermarket is a “non-musical” created with nine actors and a score of original songs, the sound atmospheres built with

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New web page.

We are finally building a new home page that will host all of the work by Mrs. Delak, and will include: biography, contact details, list of works and subsequent sub-ages and a news section. For now, this is a placeholder for a “news” blog-post

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Ways of Love / Poti ljubezni

Performance Ways of Love / Une fa├žon d’aimer researches, investigates and formulates a language of two authors with different formal backgrounds and experiences. They meet through common themes and common working process that investigates the dialectics of this particular creative collaboration. The process and the product centre on the intimacy created in this particular encounter.

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