Some updates


It is a fact that I will update and finalize my web page. 🙂 FINALLY
Starting with some photos, texts and videos from last works: Image Snatchers present: Mad Jakale in a Film We Haven’t Seen, Image Snatchers, Just for Today, Shame. First two mentioned are works based on more then 10 years research, performance and collective creating of “post-dramatic feminist burlesque” as we called it at the beginning. Researching pleasure the work become it, the pleasure (mostly, sometimes it is just a lot of work). Other two pieces mentioned above are based more in movement and performance practice. I feel proud about them all.

In last month there was a lot going on. Above mentioned collective – The Feminalz – is a fluid group of people, performes, that regularly performs TECHNOBURLESQUE – Image Snatchers. In March and April 2024 we have done much. Performing at City of Women event (5th March) in Ljubljana, in Logatec (on 8th March), in Klub Gromka on a sold out performance (28th March) and finally in Mladinsko Theater (25th April). Come to see next edition in Klub Gromka on 22nd May! (tickets via
We had three INTENSIVE weekend preparations for new editions of Image Snatchers, including workshop/audition with fantastic participants that inspired new ideas. Enjoyable! Some of them are joining our next editions of technoburlesque.

Image Snatchers present: Mad Jakale in a Film We Haven’t Seen was successfully adjusted from much smaller place in Kino Šiška in a beautiful & big space of Old Power Station (23rd April). With a replacement performer that did great. Thanks Veronika and everybody else, as well. Next re-run is coming up in November 2024. Heaven is a place on Earth!

From Image Snatchers present: Mad Jakale in a Film We Haven’t Seen final scene. Photo by: Nada Žgank

At the moment I am starting to concentrate on a new process that will start at the end of June 2024 and will finalize in June 2025. Indeed.

Yours truly.